D.V.M. Public School, Behror Campus

"My soul aim is to discover Truth and to help others to discover it, to reject falsehood and help others to do the same"
"I believe a religion based on Universal and all-embracing principles which have always been accepted as true by mankind and will continue to command the allegiance of mankind in the ages to come."

- Swami Dayanand Saraswati

A peace loving personality but bought revolutionary changes in his interpretations of vedic philosophy. A great human being known as "AJAT SHATRU" lovable behaviour and god gifted unmatched Wisdom with Rishi like appearance. Travelled dozen countries like Keniya, Mauritius, Fiji, South Africa, Nepal etc.

- Swami Dikshanand Saraswati


Popularly known as "Mahashy Ji" Mr. Arya was a straunch Arya Samajist and a leading personalityin "Gau Raksha Andolan". The D.V.M. Society has decided to open one school in his name at Gadoj, Behor, his native place. The society has also decided to establish one Gaushala in his name over there. The D.V.M. society will remember his contribution in the years to come.

- Rao Bahadur Singh Arya Founder President of D.V.M. Society, Delhi